The main objective of this seminar is to bring together researchers and policy makers and establish the relation between agro-food chains and the preservation and provision of ecosystem services. In addition, environmental, methodological and societal issues will be tackled from a transaction perspective. The seminar’s outcome will provide extensive background on the topic for further applications and research.



Unambiguously, preserving the ecosystem and securing sustainability is a very complex topic with several interlinked dimensions. Nevertheless, agro-food chains in the current economic system play a core role as the way they function can influence both producers and consumers. The seminar covers the topic using a broad approach, while focusing on sustainable food chains, and how they can influence agro-food production, and consumption as a whole.


Invited Speakers

Jukka Kola, Professor, Rector, University of Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Dr Gerhard Schiefer, Intern. Center for Food Chain and Network Research, University of Bonn, Germany